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Adidas Hair Band

Adidas Hair Band

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  • One Size 7 - 12 Dienas

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Adidas Hair Band

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Adidas Hair Band
The adidas Hair Band in a stylish shade is the ideal hair band for Yogis and fitness enthusiasts who need to keep their hair pulled back during all types of physical activity.

The hairband is non-slip, fitting comfortably and securely in place at all times, so you won't need to keep readjusting during your practice or training. Plus it effectively absorbs sweat and wicks moisture to keep you cool.

One size fits all, the adidas Hair Band comes in a variety of colours (sold separately) and is made with hand-washable, high quality fabrics.

Key Features:

> 90% Polyester, 8% Elastane, 2% Silicone
> Absorbs moisture
> Ideal for Yoga, sports and general fitness
> One size fits all
> Prevents hair from impeding vision

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Fast delivery within 1-3 working days.

Please call us on 01623 745 467 with any queries relating to this product.

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