Women's cap Capu

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Women's cap Capu Pay attention! Look out! Be careful! Washing in warmer water (more than 30°C) and long melting in machine will damage product knitwear it shrinks). Don’t dry on radiator or heating body. As far heating will be over 30°C and it is quite common) water contains in knitwear will warm the same more 30°c and article will shrink as the total way as during unright washing. Don’t use fabric conditioner! Washing in hands: Product is possible to wash in hands in luke (middle) warm water – 30°C max, after that wring it and dry in horizontal base the best on the towel. Washing in wash machine: All products is possible to wash in machine only on soft light program (smooth, gentle) which respects smoother washing (appropriate temperature and less number of rotation during centrifuging.) Material: 45% ACRYL ,40% POLYESTER ,6% VISCOSE,5% WOOL, 3% ALPAKA INSIDE FLEECE


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